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Professional design of corporate sites, store, single page, multi-purpose, technology, mobile, blog, entertainment and news.


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Development and Marketing

Internet marketing is for the well-being of your business, dear customers, because we are committed to bring you satisfaction from the beginning of the journey with long-term cooperation and providing optimization services, advertising, advertising consulting and business plans.

Cloud Storage

Data storage in the cloud and permanent access from anywhere and with the ability to restore data and access previous versions.

UI/UX Design

Professional design is one of the priorities in terms of capabilities such as responsiveness and adherence to content principles. In web design, we have provided features such as proprietary programming, search optimization, mobile application, and advertising and branding.

24-Hour Support

In order to calm you down, our regular customers have provided us with the opportunity to respond to you by sending a ticket at any time of the day or night.

Scanning Malware

Scanning security gaps and website malware will help you identify the most common security risks and prevent hacking and information theft.

SSL Support

Users can directly access their files via FTP and database inputs via phpMyAdmin, view and modify DNS inputs.

Programs provided and supervised by Diarylan

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Implement a variety of platforms based on your needs

Web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to access their website through the World Wide Web.


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