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Our website development services at Diarylan can create your dream website. We design engaging and user-friendly websites that improve the customer experience, we work with you to understand your business goals and preferences. From simple blogs to complex e-commerce platforms, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality solutions that exceed your expectations. Let us bring your vision to life and enhance your online presence.

We offer a wide range of digital marketing and web development services. Our services include web design, web development, social media marketing, SEO and more.

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At Diarylan, we’re an SEO company that guarantees results and value at minimal SEO cost as compared to competitors in the industry. Each SEO professional in our company focuses on strategic implementations to help you achieve your goals exponentially.

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FAQs on Web Design & Website Development

As mentioned at the beginning of the page, the price of website design depends on the type of your business. The prices are placed at the beginning of the page. Be sure to call our numbers for a free consultation with Dairy Lane experts.

The host is actually a space of the internet where your site is implemented. Like the property on which shops and stores are built. The domain is the address of the space where your website is located. Like the license plate number of your store.

No, after placing an order for website design in Dairy Lane, this fee will be paid by us and given to you as a gift.

In the first step, we will conduct an interview with you to get to know the facilities you need. Then the research team will research your business to get to know it completely. Then the design work begins. The prototype will be sent to you and your comments will be recorded. In the next step, the website will be fixed and sent to you for final approval.

Corporate WordPress websites 7 to 10 working days and store website, 14 working days. professional websites take 30 days or more.

Diarylan website support is monthly and varies according to needs.

For more information, contact Diarylan experts.

After completing the design and preparation of the website, 1 free training session will be held for you or your employees so that they can easily manage the website. Tutorials related to adding products, changing prices, etc. will be provided completely free of charge. These trainings are also provided in video format.

After completing the website design, the website map is given to Google for approval. Then there are your results in Google. But to reach the top ranks and the first page of Google, you need to SEO your website. SEO makes you rank higher in keywords related to your business. Of course, your brand name will rank higher after the design, as long as the name is unique.

Advertising in Google or Google AdWords is the most appropriate and effective method of internet advertising. With the help of Google ads, your website ad will be displayed on the first page of Google search results and related sites (if you request to be displayed on the Google display network) for the keywords you want, according to your budget. According to your work field, the keywords and the text of your desired ads, the status of your site and the budget you have considered for the advertising work, Dairy Lane will set up and manage your click ads on Google for you. Contact us for advice and planning your Google advertising campaign.

Whether Google AdWords is effective for advertising on Google for your business depends on various factors. The degree of competitiveness of the keywords that you participate in the auction and the degree of suitability of these keywords with real conversions for your business are among these factors. Invest your money on the right keywords and your advertising plan will be strong and clickable.
The specialty of Dairy Len AdWords advertising agency is advertising on Google. According to Len AdWords Diary reviews, Google AdWords is very effective for a wide range of businesses. The basic point is that you should entrust the launch of your advertising campaign to the Google advertising experts to launch and manage the optimal advertisement that fits your advertising goal. Unfortunately, in Iran, unlike other countries in the world, business owners think that by setting up a Google AdWords account by foreign currency sellers in Iran and taking possession of their AdWords account, they can launch and manage their campaign. This work is very harmful and causes them to waste their advertising budget, and then they think that advertising on Google is useless. If this is not the case and the reason for their useless ads is the incorrect management of the campaign. All over the world, business owners set up an AdWords account with their credit cards and pay a significant amount to AdWords experts to manage and optimize their advertising campaign on Google, which reduces their advertising costs and increases the efficiency of advertising. They will be We suggest you leave the launch of your advertising campaigns to AdWords experts and don’t waste your advertising money.

After ordering and sending information by you, Dairy Lane experts will check the sent information and send you their suggestions, and after approval, advertisements will be registered within 15 minutes. After that, you have to wait a little while for Google to check and activate the ad. Due to the fact that DiaryLan’s advertising account is an official partner and approved by Google, most of the time it activates the advertisement in less than 10 minutes.

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