How to do off-site SEO optimization

Website SEO optimization mainly includes two aspects: on-site optimization and off-site optimization. On-site optimization includes website technology upgrades and content updates. Relatively speaking, it is relatively stable, while off-site optimization is a hard job. Putting your own website links on high-weight websites is not easy if you don’t pay. Most of the time, off-site optimization is carried out for free, which also means that off-site SEO optimization is a lonely existence.

One of the biggest reasons why SEO optimization is amazing is that it is “free”. Compared with bidding rankings, SEO optimization reaches the homepage through natural rankings, and usually websites have rankings first, and then users. The current SEO optimization also properly does some paid promotion, but most of the time, SEO optimization is to borrow free resources to gain a place in the search engine index in another “natural growth” way.

Today’s SEO optimization environment is not more difficult under the tide of mobile Internet, but relatively better. At least, with the migration of netizens, many large websites have a downward trend in daily visits, and even fewer advertisements. Well, I have to say that the number of small advertisements is directly proportional to the popularity, but unfortunately, there is no such index as the popularity of small advertisements.
If you post external links wherever it is hot, obviously, it will be beneficial to both the weight of the website and the target users. However, on the mobile side, some tricks of SEO optimization seem to be ineffective in improving the weight of the website, and The popularity of mobile games, apps and social networks has weakened the capabilities of search engines. For website SEO optimization, the focus is still on the PC side.

At present, the off-site SEO optimization of the website mainly includes: friendly links, blog comments, orum posts, question and answer platforms, encyclopedias, and classified information promotion.

  1. Blog comments
  2. Forum signature, post with some keywords and links – industry-related forums, webmaster forums
  3. Promotion through classified information -Network, Information Network, City Classification Information Network, Chinese Enterprise Records, Marco Polo, Mechanical and Electrical House, etc.
  4. Pay attention to the dissemination of brand and information. It is recommended to publish website press releases and related recruitment information.
  5. Properly point relevant keywords to authoritative websites in the article to improve the trust of the website in search engines.

Taking forums as external links as an example, SEO optimization has undergone a transition from prosperity to decline. The forum used to be a lively existence, but with the emergence of social media, the forum suddenly became lonely. Many large-scale website forums such as Netease Forum , Sohu forums are closed, but there are still forums that are strong, such as Tianya, some industry vertical forums, etc. The natural network attributes of the forums have a high weight, so although the forums have declined, after all, “thin camels Bigger than a horse”, those forums that stick to it are still very effective in building SEO links on the website, and for posters, the biggest difficulty is facing loneliness, because here, there may be no communication, only copy and paste, there is When the post is blocked, post it again… Strong executive power, to increase the weight of the website, you need to keep posting and posting again and again… Don’t worry that the post is useless, the key is whether your execution power is in place.
In addition to forums, the same is true for other SEO external link constructions, such as sending messages on yellow pages. An SEO optimizer probably visits hundreds of websites a day, and then leaves traces on these websites, logging in from one website to It takes at least 5 minutes to publish information, and at least 500 minutes for 100 websites, that is nearly 8 hours. This workload is actually amazing. For novices, it is usually difficult to achieve this amount in a short period of time, but , SEO external chain construction is just a skilled worker.

The development of the Internet makes SEO optimization less mysterious, because other means can also achieve the purpose of marketing. However, as a mature method of website operation and promotion, for network marketers, if they can understand the true meaning of SEO, then do it again. Other marketing and promotion can be described as familiar, but the premise is that you can endure loneliness and be able to understand the magic brought by the Internet in loneliness. even more.

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