Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of http and https

What are the benefits of https transformation? For this problem, many people first think of website security issues. It can be said that website security issues are actually a big problem, mainly in the following aspects: 1. The homepage will be tampered with and illegally redirected; 2. Website Get fed ads, but the revenue doesn’t go to your site.
HTTPS is recognized as an effective authentication protocol to prevent websites from being hacked or tampered with.

Advantages of HTTPS:

Under the current technical background, HTTPS is the most secure solution under the current architecture:
1. Use the HTTPS protocol to authenticate users and servers to ensure that data is sent to the correct client and server;
2. The HTTPS protocol is a network protocol constructed by the SSL+HTTP protocol that can perform encrypted transmission and identity authentication. It is safer than the HTTP protocol and can prevent data from being stolen or changed during transmission and ensure data integrity.
3. HTTPS is the most secure solution under the current architecture. Although it is not absolutely secure, it greatly increases the cost of man-in-the-middle attacks.

After converting http to HTTPS

sites that need to do a 301 permanent redirect to HTTPS will be included first. For many webmasters, it is also necessary to update the website. But what should the webmasters do to minimize the loss? Baidu webmaster announced that it is best to permanently redirect all the previous sites to the new HTTPS site, and there will be no weight and previous collection. Any impact, on the contrary, will be better for the collection and save spider resources. Therefore, if the webmasters do a good job of updating the countermeasures immediately, they will also have the opportunity to give priority to the ranking of the website.

Website benefits:

  1. The website is more secure, and the evaluation of the corresponding website will be relatively higher.
  2. The website is more secure, and the landing experience of the corresponding website is also better.
  3. On the search display side, the website that has been transformed to HTTPS will be improved under the search transformation. The display style of HTTPS appears.

Disadvantages of HTTPS:

1. The professional SSL certificate may cost a certain amount of money, and the more powerful the certificate, the higher the fee.
2. The site needs to invest in labor costs, and the technical transformation depends on the site situation.

3. 90% of the virtual hosts on the market do not support the deployment of SSL certificates, unless they are upgraded to professional servers, which will increase the cost of the enterprise.

To sum up, whether to use http or https can only be selected after specific analysis, and you can’t blindly pursue https, which will inevitably increase the operating cost of the enterprise’s website .

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