What should be paid attention to in long tail keyword optimization

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I believe those who do optimization know that long-tail keywords are better than ordinary keywords. They have less competition and are very targeted, and using long-tail keywords for optimization can also bring unexpected traffic to the website. However, what should we pay attention to when optimizing long-tail keywords with so many advantages ? Let me tell you below!

1. Select long-tail keywords accurately

The choice of long-tail keywords directly determines the direction of its optimization, so when choosing long-tail keywords, it must be accurate. Try not to choose competitive long-tail keywords. Because the more competitive long-tail keywords are, the more difficult it will be.

2. Long-tail keyword landing pages must have high-quality content

It is understood that long-tail keyword optimization generally has a large number of landing pages. However, in order to make long-tail keyword optimization effective in a short time, some websites use some technically generated pages. Although this is simple and convenient, most of the generated pages are low-quality content with extremely high content similarity. This can easily affect the weight of the entire site, and the gain outweighs the gain. Therefore, the long-tail keyword landing page must have high-quality content.

3. The timing of long-tail keyword optimization should be grasped

There is still a certain difference between long-tail keywords and ordinary keywords. It cannot be optimized as soon as it goes online. I think that at this time, not only the website has no weight, but also the inclusion of the long tail fluctuates greatly. Therefore, we must grasp the optimization time of long tail keywords. Generally, it is best to do it within three to six months after the website goes online. As long as you work hard, it will be stable within three months.

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