?Why do websites need maintenance

First of all, why should the website be maintained? Do you know what website maintenance is? The maintenance of the website is to constantly update the content on your website, so as to get more traffic and increase the popularity of the website.

The maintenance of the website is to make your website survive on the Internet and not be eliminated. Then you can better understand the business opportunities of the network, so as to seize the opportunities. So the maintenance of the website is very important, just like the house we built or bought at home, you don’t have to organize and decorate it. This is the maintenance of the house. When you buy a car, you also need to maintain and maintain it. it’s all a truth

An excellent website construction company must also be a professional and complete website maintenance company. At present, many website design companies and even some website construction companies are relatively weak in the link of website maintenance services. The main reason is that the effectiveness of website maintenance is slow and the profit margin is low ; The thinking is usually heavy on hardware, light on software, and light on services. Most of the funds are spent on building websites, but the maintenance funds are relatively small, and there is no enthusiasm for maintenance, so network security is out of the question.

So much for the above! I also want to talk about the content of the website maintenance. Let me tell you about it:

  1. Maintenance of servers and related software and hardware, assessment of possible problems, and formulation of response time;
  2. Database maintenance, effective use of data is an important part of website maintenance, so database maintenance should be taken seriously;
  3. Content update, adjustment, etc.;

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